What an exciting start to Year 2!

It has been a very busy start to the year in Camp Borneo and we have been such enthusiastic learners. Miss Dalton and Mrs Crascall have been very impressed.

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On Wednesday we celebrated Queen Elizabeth II as the longest reigning queen. She broke the record and has been the Queen of our country for 63 years and 7 months.We had a very special assembly and re-enacted the queen’s coronation. Paige dressed up as the queen and the Archbishop crowned her. We then sung our National Anthem ‘God Save the Queen’. We used the laptops and Ipads to do our own research about Queen Elizabeth II life. Did you know she didn’t go to school and she did all her learning at home? She even learnt to speak French!



On Thursday the Royal Navy visited our school and talked to us about what they do. We had a great surprise and waited on the field for one of their wildcat helicopters to land (Cameron H). We had to hold our ears because it was very noisy (Paige). It was very exciting and the co-pilot talked to us and showed us the helicopter equipment. Did you know a wildcat helicopter has two engines? (Thomas). They also fly at 140 miles per hour (Connie). After lunch we went back outside and watched the helicopter take off and then the Royal Navy presented Mrs George with a signed photograph of the helicopter.

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In Maths we have been practising sharing numbers. When we share numbers equally this is called division (Keyaan). We have also been comparing the temperature in Lee on Solent with the temperature in Borneo.


We have created our very own rainforest collages showing the different layers of the rainforest these are:

emergent layer, canopy, understory and the forest floor.

On Friday we celebrated our enthusiastic learning with a pyjama party for tree top time.

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We flew to Borneo!

Yesterday we went on a flight to the Borneo rainforest (Sophie).

We made our very own passports and boarding passes and had these checked by the cabin crew as we boarded the plane (Mia).

We really enjoyed the flight entertainment especially when Mrs Crascall acted as our flight attendant (Isabelle).

When the cabin crew opened the doors it felt very humid and sticky (Caitlin).

When we landed in Borneo we saw orangutans, poisonous frogs and I even saw a corpse flower that was so smelly it almost knocked me out (Stanley).

I saw a Toucan in the trees (Blake). And I saw a pygmy elephant (Henry).

It was very exciting and we are all looking forward to our year in Camp Borneo.IMG_2399 IMG_2402 IMG_2412 IMG_2413

We are CRAZY scientists!

This week, we have been learning about magnets, light and dark, electricity and animal classification.

“I found out that a magnet can attract a paper clip through 100 pieces of Paper”  – Callum

“We made a den that was pitch black using dark fabric”  – Zoe C

In science we have also been experimenting using multi link penguins to see which is the best surface for a penguin to slide down.  We used shaving foam, ketchup, fairy liquid and water on a drain pipe.

“Without anything on the drain pipe I found out that the penguin slid down the quickest” – Mia

“The tomato ketchup was slow because it is sticky and thick” – Joseph

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What an extremely busy week!

This week we are learning all about VE Day as well as doing lots of research.  We hope you are impressed!

In COOL time (Choose Our Own Learning), some of us have been making gas masks, just like the evacuees wore.  When some of us were making parachutes, we learnt to tie a knot carefully.

“I am enjoying being in Year 2 because it is great fun!” – Joseph

“I have brought in a VE Day newspaper which are all about the celebrations” – Millie

“We have been making excellent Power Point presentations about VE Day and they are looking fabulous!” – William

“It’s been an extremely good week” – Taylor

“We have been making so many things this week that we are exhausted!” – Zoe

We love VE Day!

In 1945, it was VE Day and we are celebrating in school by dressing up as evacuees, sailors, soldiers and many more.  On Wednesday, we designed some flags and made bunting to go in the school hall.  It looks beautiful and terrific! They are extremely colourful. IMG_2009 IMG_2014 IMG_2015

Funky hats on World Book Day 2015

Today we are having a funny World Book Day!  This is a day when everyone picks their favourite books to share. We made hats of our favourite character. For example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dimity Duck, Alice in Wonderland, the Gruffalo and lots of exciting characters.

‘We are having a lovely time because we have all brought in our home-made hats’ – Aimee

A very exciting end to the term!

Today has been wonderful!  We have had so much to do.

This morning, we had a visit from the Military Band, who showed us their different instruments and played lots of great songs.  When the marching drummers arrived, we could feel the music through our bodies!  Some of us got to have a go and even Miss Allen got to play the drum! It was epic.

After that, we quickly walked to the tennis courts for our final Tennis and Squash coaching session. However, we got very wet on the way home because it started to rain!

When we got back to school for lunch, we found out that we had won table of the week!  We got a special trophy and some yummy popcorn, which we ate during Treetop Time.

Finally, we watched Year 1’s assembly about Chinese New Year.  We enjoyed the  songs and the dragons.

Hope you all have an AWESOME half term!

Love from Camp Borneo

We found a pirate!!