We are learning about lighthouses

This week we have been learning about lighthouses and we are writing our own stories. We are going to have a lighthouse keepers picnic and we are going to read our stories.Camp Madagascar are so excited to go to the picnic to read there stories.We are playing fun games. We are going to do it on the 27th of march it is on a Friday.By Jamie

Miss Dalton’s last day

We have had a super day for Miss Dalton’s last day in Camp Madagascar.

We listened to Mekan’s In the Spotlight presentation about the history of Lego. We loved his Lego world map! Then we learnt all about India from Elisha and she brought lots of interesting stuff with her! She even dressed Molly up in a Sari.

We had a leaving party this afternoon and Miss Dalton brought in some yummy treats.

A little note from Miss Dalton:

Thank you to all the parents for your support during my final teaching placement. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of your lovely children. They are very special and I will miss them lots!


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Argh pirates have been spotted in Lee on the Solent

This morning (Monday 26th January 2015)  we found a washed up diary written by a pirate called Henry. He had written what he had been up to over the two days but he did not get to finish it. We are trying to find out who Henry is and what the pirates are doing in Lee on Solent. Then, Miss Dalton showed us a newspaper report of pirate ships being spotted near Hoegh Osaka before it was moved back to Southampton Docks. We think that the pirates have been watching and waiting so that they can board the ship and take all the valuables.

We have been looking at Henry’s diary and using drama to imagine what it might be like to be a pirate.

If you see or hear anything suspicious please let us know!

“We are very excited to learn more about pirates!” – Chloe and Holly





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Play scripts are lots of fun!!!


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This week we have been learning about the different features of a play script.

“We had a go at writing our own play scripts for a Robin Hood scene” – Marnie

“We have had lots of fun adding materials to our pantomime scenes” – Katy

In Maths we have been collecting data to find out the children’s favourite Robin Hood character.

“Firstly, we thought of a question and created our own tally charts” – Luke

“Then we transferred the data into a block graph” – Stanley

We watched and listened to two of the children’s In the Spotlight presentations and heard all about ice skating and a x-box 360.

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for stay and play on Thursday afternoon. We really enjoyed sharing our Maths learning with you.




Has anybody seen Robin Hood yet?

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We have had another very exciting week in Camp Madagascar and as always, we have been blowing Miss Dalton’s socks off with our enthusiastic learning.

We have been making our own Robin Hood pantomime scenes and we have been using a puppet pals app on the ipads to think about what our characters are going to say and do. We have also been designing our own traps to help the Sheriff capture Robin Hood.

On Wednesday we received a secret letter from Robin Hood asking us to go to the woods and find some gold coins. He asked us to share them out equally so that the money can be given back to the poor. We got into groups and practised dividing the coins by grouping and sharing them in lots of different ways.

On Friday we had a special visit from the Sheriff of Nottingham! He wasn’t very happy because we haven’t found Robin Hood yet. He also found out about us helping Robin Hood give the money back to the poor. We did show him our wanted posters but he said that they aren’t any good if they are stuck in our Literacy books! After the Sheriff left Miss Dalton asked us to help her decide what to do and to make a decision about whether we are going to help Robin Hood or the Sheriff. We made a conscience alley and used lots of persuasive language. We also talked about the consequences of our choice and lots of children decided that there would be a negative consequence for helping both Robin Hood and the Sheriff.

What do you think we should do?

Robin Hood is on the loose!

It has been a super exciting week in Camp Madagascar and we have been doing lots of enthusiastic learning!

On Monday the whole school watched a Robin Hood pantomime in the hall. We joined in with lots of singing and the characters did lots of dancing.

“My favourite character was Robin Hood because I thought he was funny”. – Jamie

“I liked Friar Tuck when he sung the twelve days of Christmas but just about food” – Niamh

After the pantomime we created our own freeze frames and thought about what the characters might say.

In maths we have been learning to divide by sharing and grouping. We have been challenging ourselves by writing different number problems to solve. We have also been sharing Robin Hood’s gold coins between his merry men.

On Friday 9th January we found an arrow in our classroom. The arrow had a red feather on it and we all talked about who we thought it could be. Then, after morning maths Mrs Palmer found a big surprise in the snack basket. There was another arrow in our apples with a letter from the sheriff of Nottingham and lots of gold coins. We have been ordered to find Robin Hood and return him to the sheriff as soon as possible.

In Literacy we have been writing WANTED posters to help the sheriff find Robin Hood. We have been learning all about using similes and adverbs to describe Robin Hood.

Pease help Camp Madagascar to find this dangerous outlaw! He is as tall as a giraffe and he moves as quickly as a cheetah. He has green eyes like emeralds and a pointy hat shaped like an ice cream cone. Be careful he carries a bow and arrow and shoots very accurately from a distance. If you see him please let a member of Madagascar know!


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