What has the fox brought us today?

” The fox snapped and took our gingerbread men to her babies” Jessie L

Thomas said a baby fox is called a cub.

The Fox gave us a letter. We had some ingredients and a recipe on how to make gingerbread men.

The fox gave us this because she wanted to say sorry for taking our gingerbread men.

Now we are going to make some gingerbread men of our own!


Celebrating VE Day – 8th May 2015

Mrs George visited us during our celebrations. 2015-05-08 10.18.52


2015-05-08 10.12.57

We looked at some real World War 2 medals.





We danced with our friends to the Top 20 hits of the 1940s.

 2015-05-08 09.28.26 2015-05-08 09.27.45 2015-05-08 09.19.432015-05-08 09.27.51 2015-05-08 09.21.22

 2015-05-08 09.49.262015-05-08 09.25.57

We have been thinking about all those people who fighted in the war for us to win – Tyla

I made a flag to celebrate England, I’m evacuee – Ashby

This is the best celebration day ever. I’m happy because there is no war now – Austin

I had a dance because I was happy the war is over – Amber

I waved the flag, we won – Jack

It was the war and they were dropping bombs and then it was VE day – Mateo

It’s because it’s the end of the war – Harry

Sunflower Masterpieces

Thank you to everyone who sent in collage resources to school to support this week’s topic.

The children have had a great time exploring a wide variety of art media; fabrics, pastels, pipe cleaners, paints, chalks, paper, pasta, lentils and much much more to create their very own Sunflower masterpiece.

2015-05-06 10.20.472015-05-05 10.11.00 2015-05-05 10.08.21 2015-05-05 10.06.57  2015-05-05 10.08.27 2015-05-05 10.11.19 sunflower display20150507_145841

Special Delivery for the Seahorse Classs

Rudolph had been taking care of a special package that had arrived for the Seahorse class.

IMG_7833 IMG_7835

We carried it back to class to find out what was inside.IMG_7836

Alex read the message on the label.

IMG_7837Wow there were lots of new things inside for us!!


Gel pens…

IMG_7839 IMG_7846

glue sticks…  paper…

IMG_7841 IMG_7847

scissors…   and toy catalogues!

There were even sticker labels with our addresses on.

Who would send us a package with all these things?


The Great Ginger Bread Man Hunt!

We have been reading and retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man.

PC Arnold sent us a video message asking us to help him catch a fox who had eaten the Gingerbread Man. We made posters and maps and sent them to him. PC Arnold caught the fox and thanked us for his help.


But on Tuesday Mrs Clayton had a mystery package for us.We’d had a special delivery!IMG_7624 IMG_7625

There was a letter inside from the Little Old Woman, she’d baked us some more Gingerbread Men for us to eat.


We opened the parcel…but there were no Gingerbread men, only a note. It was a clue…


“I have four legs, I’m cunning and sly,

I’ve taken your treats,

Let’s play I spy!

I spy Mrs George


So off we went to find Mrs George. There were no Gingerbread men, but she did have clue number 2…

” Mrs George is busy running the school,

I can’t leave food here,

I’d be a fool!

I spy lots of books!


Clue number 3 was found in the library…

“I like to hide my food to eat later,

It’s too quiet here,

I spy Mr Maker!”


“Let’s go back to our class, we have a Mr Maker table”

So off we went back to class.

IMG_7630 IMG_7631

We spotted some crumbs on our way.



We tiptoed into the classroom in case the fox was there. We didn’t want to scare it off.IMG_7524

We found more clues that the fox had been close by. IMG_7525

It had brought leaves in, bitten holes in our paint pallets and knocked over our pens!IMG_7523           IMG_7648

But finally, we found the GIngerbread men before the fox could eat them.IMG_7650

Yum, tasty treats with our morning milk.

We didn’t want the fox coming back into school again so we made some traps.


“I’ve made a trap and put the food in so the fox will eat it”



The skipping rope – “It’s going to help us catch the fox”IMG_7668

Mollie and Dylan are keeping a look out. They are using the binoculars to search for the fox in the woods.


“We can do a trap here ‘coz the sun will shine in his eyes”

Alex – “I’ve made a cage so the fox can’t get out”IMG_7673

Austin drew a picture of a Gingerbread Man and put it into his trap

“the fox will try and eat it”


Amber wrote a note from the Fairy God Mother – ‘biscuits, get now from the fox.’

Mrs George was very impressed with her writing.

PE – games skills

We had a PE expert come in to help us practice our games skills.

We learnt to travel in different ways…

IMG_7325 IMG_7329


IMG_7334 IMG_7337


IMG_7340 IMG_7341

and bouncing!

IMG_7347 IMG_7349

We had some target practice…    “Goal!!”


We practiced travelling and throwing a bean bag at a target.



Emma showed us how to send and receive the bean bag. IMG_7364 IMG_7369

Great concentration – “Keep your eyes on the bean bag”

All of the Seahorse class listened to Emma very well and tried really hard when practicing all the different skills.

Mrs Ricketts and Mrs Norish are very proud of you all 🙂


Repeating patterns

We have been using lots of different things to make repeating patterns…IMG_7308 IMG_7306


IMG_7303  IMG_7372

Numicon counters…


K’nex and connecting camels…

IMG_7377 IMG_7315

large counters and pebbles.


Can you use 3 colours to make a repeating pattern?

“It goes orange, red, green, orange, red and green and keeps on going!”



A repeating pattern crown for a Queen!

IMG_7304 IMG_7307

Creating the pattern and then recording the pattern.