Getting bossy with verbs!

This week we have been learning all about imperative verbs.

The children have been using imperative verbs at the beginning of sentences to form instructions.

We have been reading instructions too, so decided to follow the instructions to check they were all in the correct order.

We had great fun making jam sandwiches and squash.


IMG_0044 IMG_0054IMG_0053

IMG_0046 IMG_0043


After lunch today we came back to a crime scene!!!

We found a trail of porridge oats from our classroom and followed it outside. 023



Along the trail we found several clues including a Red Cape, Glass Slipper and 3 Chairs.





We came back and made a list of the evidence found and are beginning to figure out what happened.

Time to celebrate!!

Wow, we are so proud of all the Unicorns. They have been such enthusiastic learners.

This week we have won, not one, but two class awards in assembly.

The attendance award after achieving 100% last week.

We also won the Star Reader award. Everyone was a star reader after reading at least three times last week and 22 children were on the Super Star reader board for reading at least five times.

We enjoyed celebrating our success in assembly and would like to win a few more class awards.

Well done everyone, keep up the hard work. 


Welcome back, it’s Panto day!

What a brilliant first day back! It was so lovely to see all the Unicorns back at school and ready to enjoy the pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’. They all looked the part in their costumes and behaved amazingly well throughout the performance.

We will continue to learn about traditional stories and fairy tales for the next few weeks. Please encourage your children to bring in their favourite traditional stories to share with the class. Many Thanks

piratesIMG_3156snow whites

IMG_3166 IMG_3153IMG_3151






Look Out! Look Out! Scooters About!

It was cold … but we wore our coats.

It was raining …but not for long.

And we braved the weather and learnt all about using our scooters safely and responsibly.

Pedal Power Training came in to show year 1 some great techniques for using our scooters like stopping safely and crossing roads carefully.


scooter training (7)scooter training (9) scooter training (10) Scooter training (24)Scooter training (35)


We learnt lots of new games to play on our scooters and it was fantastic exercise too.

If you want to find out more about Pedal Power Training visit:




A Hall Full of Heroes

What an exciting morning!  As school filled up with heroes from all walks of life (children dressed up!) we discussed ‘who is your champion?’  What changes to other peoples lives does your champion make?

november 2015 007

Here we all are ready for a special assembly.

Look who came to see us…

Pudsey 2015

Pudsey told us what a busy day he had ahead raising money for Children in Need.

We enjoyed meeting one of our champions for change and did a fantastic job collecting money for this great charity. Thank you for all your support again this year.




Royal Navy Visits Schools

helicopter visit 2015 069


Today in school we had some very special visitors from the Royal Navy. Oliver’s Dad had arranged to for the helicopter that he works on to be landed on the Junior School field.

helicopter visit 2015 072 helicopter visit 2015 075


Libby-Rose tried on the pilots uniform… it was just a little bit too big yet!

helicopter visit 2015 077 helicopter visit 2015 078 helicopter visit 2015 084

We had to wait quite a while for the helicopter to arrive from Yeovilton but when it did it was very exciting and noisy too. We covered our ears to keep them safe.


helicopter visit 2015 093 helicopter visit 2015 096 helicopter visit 2015 099


Everyone had the chance to get up close to the helicopter and ask the pilot some questions.

helicopter visit 2015 100 helicopter visit 2015 114

Lots of the children’s wonderful work will be on display in the hall soon.

What a fantastic experience!


An alien has crashed at the Lee on Solent beach!

On Newsround this morning we read that a lady saw a spaceship crashing on our beach!

” The alien might eat all of our stones.” Macauley

“The alien might be going to take over the world!” Alex

“It crashed in the sea and bits fell off of it on its way down!” Darren

” It has crashed on to the stones.” Millie 

“A lady that was walking her dog took a picture of it and now its on Newsround!” Caitlin

Keep checking our blog to see what happens next.

Maybe you could walk to the beach and see whats happening?

From The Unicorns


The amazing and brilliant tennis and squash club!

We have been exercising every Friday at the Lee-on-the-Solent Tennis and Squash Club.

“It really exercises your legs and your arms.” said Tommy

“I’ve learnt that tennis is fun.” said Caitlin

“Tennis isn’t about winning, it’s about having fun.” said Liam

“Tennis is fun because you can do it with other people.” said ConnieIMG_2246 IMG_2250 IMG_2256 IMG_2259 IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_2270