A lesson from space

Wizards were able to be part of history and watch a lesson from Tim Peake LIVE from space!!!


We logged on to watch along with children all around the world.

We were able to see what it is really like to be living in space. We were also able to learn many new facts to add to all the facts we learnt from our space topic.

The children were fascinated to be able that they could see Tim Peake live all the way from the international space station.

In wizards we have many aspiring astronauts, so watch this space.

Thank you to Niamh’s mummy for letting us know about this exciting opportunity.

Miss Bailey xx


After lunch we came back to discover a crime had happened…


We found Daddy and Mummy Bear’s bowls of porridge, but NO Baby Bear’s bowl.

We followed a trail of porridge oats outside.


Along the way we found some clues including a Red Cape, Glass Slipper and Chair.




The trail led us to Baby Bear’s Bowl.


We made a list of the evidence we found and began to think about our theories of what happened.

Most of us thought that Goldilocks was involved as we all know she likes to steal porridge!!!

Other theories included a gang of fairy tale characters coming into our class to steal the Bear’s porridge or that the Bear’s came in to eat their porridge in the warm and Baby Bear ran away.

We are still investigating the evidence and following leads. Come back and see if we solve this mysterious case!!!!

PC Bailey, PC Beattie and PCSO’s Wizards




A surprise visitor

Today was an exciting day, we came in to find that a magical grotto and sleigh had arrived!!

This morning we were invited to go into the grotto, where we found Santa and Jingle the Elf (aka Mrs Clayton who has actually been to Elf school). We even got a present from Santa and got to sit in his sleigh.

Here we all our with our presents in Santa’s sleigh.






What a brilliant day!!!

Wizard class xxx



Elf update.

Elf update – 10.12.15

Today we came in to find that Elfie had eaten all the chocolate in our advent calendar.

We knew it was him as he had chocolate all round his mouth!!!


I wonder what mischief he will get up to over the weekend when Miss Bailey isn’t here?!


Look out, look out, scooters about!

Today we were lucky enough to have some scooter training.


We braved the cold weather to learn how to scoot safely.

We began by learning how to stand correctly and safely with our scooters.

We then had the opportunity to play lots of scooter games, including what’s the time Mr Wolf.


A very important part of the training was when we learnt how to cross the road safely and how we must not ride our scooters across the road but walk.


We had lots of fun!!!


Wizard Class xxx





A tiny Christmas visitor

Today we went out to break as usual but when we returned we found a little Christmas Elf in our Christmas tree!!!!



We had no idea who he was, luckily there was a note with him.

IMG_0106 IMG_0107

We read the note and found out that Santa has sent an Elf called Elfie to our class so he can learn how to make good choices and be an enthusiastic learner, as we always do this is Wizards!!

The letter did make us worry a bit as Elfie explained that we will need to keep an eye on him as he likes to get in mischief!! What will happen at night when we are not here?! …..

A day of mysteries!!!!

Well what a day it has been in Wizard class!

First we came in to find that our class had been mysteriously decorated ready for Christmas, we don’t even know who did it!! There have been many theories including, Santa, Elves and even Goblins!!!


The mysteries did not stop there!! We came in from break to find our lovely Christmas house role play had been trashed and things were knocked over!!


Luckily we investigated….



… and found a clue.





We typed the web address into the computer and found out what had happened.

It turns out that Mog the Cat had seen our lovely decorations and come in to look, unfortunately his tail got caught in the tinsel and everything knocked over!!

What a calamity!!!

Phew after such a busy day we are ready to sit down!!

Wizard Class xx


A Hall Full of Heroes

What an exciting morning!  As school filled up with heroes from all walks of
life (children dressed up!) we discussed ‘who is your champion?’  What
changes to other peoples lives does your champion make?


Here we all are ready for a special assembly.

Look who came to see us…

Pudsey 2015

Pudsey told us what a busy day he had ahead raising money for Children in Need.

He even blew Mrs George a kiss. 🙂 She was very lucky.

We enjoyed meeting one of our champions for change and did a fantastic job collecting money for this great charity. Thank you for all your support again this year.

Wizards x

Wizards become Bakers!!

Today in Wizards we became Bakers in our very own Wizard Class Bakery.

This morning we had another basket delivery from The Little Red Hen, she delivered the equipment we needed to bake the bread.

We had to work very hard to measure all the ingredients into the bowl. We then had to give the mixture a good mix.



We then had to knead the bread to help the bread rise.


We then left the dough to rise over lunchtime. Ours got so big!!! It even started to grow out of the bowl!!



After lunch we all took some of the dough to make it into a roll.

It was really interesting to smell and feel the dough.

“Its sticky.” – Harriet

“It smells like bread” – Bobby

“It smells like playdough.” – Austin

After school, Miss Bailey put the rolls into the school ovens to cook. Unfortunately Miss Bailey, Mrs Dolton and Mrs Ricketts forgot to put the oven on at first so they took longer to cook than we thought!!

IMG_0141 IMG_0150

After they cooked we took them out to cool down and Wizard Class will enjoy them in snack time tomorrow.

Check back in tomorrow and see what we thought of our rolls tomorrow.

Wizards x

Surprise Basket Found

This afternoon in Wizard class we found something very interesting left in our classroom, a Surprise Basket……



We opened it to see what was inside…




Inside we found





-Recipe cards




We found out that the basket was from the Little Red Hen and that she needed our help. Apparently the Bull, Cat and Rat only said “Not I” when she asked for help.

In Wizards we are going to help her to bake her bread. The Little Red Hen has grown the wheat, cut the wheat, ground the wheat into flour and now we will bake it into bread for her.

This afternoon we researched baking bread and made a list of the rest of the ingredients and equipment that we need.

Tuesday we are going to bake the bread.

Check back tomorrow and see how we get on.

Wizard Class x